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Gemco, Inc.
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Here are some examples of our latest work.                                                          Click Photo Thumbnail to Enlarge Photo!                              
Complete Restoration - Mastercraft Tri Star
Complete Exterior Refinish and Custom Decals
Custom Painted Accent Stripes and Decals
Transom, Foor & Stringers
Here are a few more of our photo's. 
Many more photo's available in store!
Collision  04/2013
Repairs in three colors
 Brand new again!
Collision on Sea Doo 2012
We manufactured a new windsheild on this classic 1969 Chris Craft
This is called sheet delamination. 
This happens when you get a chip, crack or deep gouge in the hull of a personal watercraft and do not repair them when they are small & minor. When riding with damage on the hull the force of the water gets between the layers of fiberglass & causes a much larger problem. 
Don't let this happen to you! 
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